Print a custom advertising feather flag (also known as beach flags or beach banners) to attract more clients for your company!

Advertising feather flags are used to promote your business, products, services or events. They are usually placed in front of stores, at the beach or at sports and cultural events.

We can digitally print any design on your custom feather flag, with absolutely no limitations in colors.

For the standard feather flag sizes 70x340cm and 60x260cm (width x height), which are the most common choices, we can supply the telescopic aluminium poles. Flag poles come in 4 pieces (2 bottom aluminium parts and 2 elastic plastic top ends), that can be easily separated and joined back together, in case you need to carry your flag to another place (ex. athletic events).

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beach flags 70x340cm for FRUITE ON THE GO promotional feather flag 4m for the company TSOGAS.COM  advertising feather flags 70x340cm for beach bar SANTA DEL MAR feather flag 70x340cm for PALLINI TENNIS PARK feather flag 70x340cm for the book store VIVLIOUPOLI promotional feather flags 70x340cm for the bike store BLIAMOS BIKES beach flags for a windsurfing event beach flags for a windsurfing event custom feather flags for a windsurfing event