Custom printed advertising flags of high durability and UV resistant colors.
Custom produced to any dimensions according to your needs.
Get your design digitally printed on your advertising company flags.

We can digitally print any design on your advertising flag, with absolutely no limitations in colors.

All used fabrics for flags and banners printing are of premium quality, specially made by specialized carefully selected manufacturers.
Fabrics are underlied through a special process at the final production stage, to ensure that they "friendly" and permanently accept inks during digital printing procedure.
Different fabrics are selected depending on desired flag use (external or internal use), in order to guarantee maximun life time without deterioration.
Mat or glossy finishing is selected depending on teh desired flag or banner use.
Most common fabric for outdoor use is knitted polyester.

Our digitally printed flags and banners are produced from high end printing machines, using thermal power to imprint inks on used fabrics.
The final result of this procedure is of high quality, with stunning colors and almost 100% penetration to the reverse side of the fabric. Inks are absolutely UV resistant, keeping the color result unaltered through time.

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   custom advertising flags 100x250cm for the gas station MENTZELIDIS SHELLCompany flag of QATAR AIRWAYS    advertising company flags 80x250cm custom printed company flags 200x130cm for beach bar KOUNDOURAKOS promotional company flags 60x280cm for LEADMAR LTD   custom advertising flags